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Flo Rida's former high school is getting crazy new uniforms

6:39 PM, Oct. 25, 2012 EDT

Carol City (Fla.) will wear these uniforms beginning next year. / Twitter via Palm Beach Post

Two things you may not have known about rapper Flo Rida: he went to high school at Carol City (Fla.) and he has awul taste in uniforms.

Witness the catastrophe above. As first reported by the Palm Beach Post, Flo Rida's alma mater will wear these uniforms next year to, ahem, celebrate the school's 50th anniversary. 

Flo Rida contacted Futuristic Woo, the design firm that produced these striking neon green uniforms for Atlantic (Delray Beach, Fla.) earlier this year, about giving Carol City's look an overhaul.

It didn't take long for the reviews of the Chiefs' new threads to come in on Twitter:

"TERRIBLE" says @candice_elon

"really ugly" says @JeffEsquire

"Ugliest. Uniforms. Ever" @SirCoach

"Hideous" says @GeorgeSchroeder

"Beautiful" says...@NO_ONE.



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