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Did Texas HS Baseball Coach Cross the Line with Locker Room Rant?

As reported by our friends at The Big Lead, Port Neches-Groves (Texas) baseball coach Mark Brevell was "removed from his position" last week after a profane recording of him addressing two seniors in the locker room surfaced on YouTube. The video has since been taken down, but TBL transcribed some of Brevell's rant:

“Are either one of you ever going to do anything I ever ask? Or are we going to keep going through this f****** b******* all year long?”

“What were ya’ll hoping? That practice was canceled? Yeah you were. One senior already told me. I ain’t even going to practice with ya’ll today. Ya’ll want to go to practice? I’m f****** going home and spending time with my family. If you want to work, work. If you want to go home, go home. I couldn’t even care less. Just be ready because there might be some things changing.”

“I don’t care who you are or what grade you’re in. Things are going to change right now or I swear to God I’ll play… I’ll cancel JV and Freshman teams and I’ll play with 22 freshman.”

“I told coach this morning today is going to be a great day, a positive day. And the first thing that happens when I get here is ya’ll dumb a**** standing in the locker room talking. Not even getting dressed.”

Brevell was back in the dugout for Port Neches-Groves' season opener on Wednesday and declined to discuss the incident, according to the Beaumont Enterprise. The Enterprise reports that the school "is still in the process of rectifying the situation, but it did investigate the matter."

What do you think? Should the school take further disciplinary action against Brevell for his profane rant? Share your thoughts in the comments or weigh in our Facebook page.



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