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David Wilson's high school coach benched him for flipping into the end zone

New York Giants rookie running back David Wilson scored three touchdowns in Sunday's 52-27 win over the Saints and he did a backflip after every one. The former Virginia Tech star apparently didn't learn the lesson his coach tried to teach him in high school.

"He did it twice in high school, and I benched him after the second one," former George Washington (Danville, Va.) coach Dan Newell told Newsday. "The first time, it was pure joy because we came from behind by 28 points, and he picked up a fumble 40 yards out and ran it back for a touchdown."

And the next time?

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"The other time he did it, he had it pre-planned for homecoming game in his senior season," Newell said. "There was a coach from Virginia Tech at the game, and it was maybe the first series of the second half. He broke a long one, ran it back and did a [front] flip. I'm not sure he didn't cause me any pains chewing him out in the end zone. He didn't expect to be benched after that."

As you can see in the video above, Wilson's flip also drew a penalty flag.

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New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin declined to comment on Wilson's flippant behavior, but teammates have asked him to cut it out.

"We're going to have another talk about not doing it," Justin Tuck told reporters. "Everyone knows how athletic he is, but the last thing we need is him having some freak injury by showing off to the crowd. Let's just keep him upright and running and leave the backflips for YouTube. They're already on YouTube. If people want to see them, they can go to YouTube and see them."



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