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Dancing fan celebrates during timeout at Hillsboro HS basketball game (VIDEO)

This, dear readers, is the proper way to celebrate a clutch layup at a high school basketball game. If you were to watch the video above without sound, you'd likely never guess that the gentleman in the striped shirt and jeans was rocking out to Queen's "We Will Rock You," but we're pretty sure these dance moves would work for any track.

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The announcers at last Friday's showdown between Hillsboro (Nashville, Tenn.) and Brentwood (Tenn.) were certainly impressed.

"Hillsboro crowd showing some beautiful, beautiful dance moves tonight," one says. "Mississippi pimp! Mississippi pimp!"

"Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it!"

"Pimps him with the lean with it, rock with it and then bounces with it. Rotate one time for 'em playa."

Then the announcers turn to serious mode, saying the key for Hillsboro, which has taken a late 40-38 lead, is not to foul or allow Brentwood an easy look. Brentwood tied the game with one second left in regulation and won in overtime, 48-44.

It's little consolation, but let the record show that Hillsboro won the dance off.

Thanks to Prep Rally for the heads up.



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