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By the Numbers: Texas cheerleader sets record for consecutive backward springs

2:08 PM, Oct. 10, 2012 EDT

Every week throughout the high school football season we'll take a numerical look back at the week that was.

Consecutive backward springs completed by cheerleader Miranda Ferguson of the Hockaday School (Dallas), a new Guinness World Record. Warning: The video evidence may cause dizziness.

Catches by West Linn (Ore.) senior Jarrod Howard in a 56-49 loss to Clackamas (Ore.), including four touchdowns. Howard finished with 283 yards receiving. 

Yards per catch on seven catches for Andover (Mass.) senior Andrew Deloury, who had 226 yards receiving on Friday.

Distance, in yards, of the game-winning field goal kicked by Ocen Springs (Miss.) kicker Logan Tassin in a 35-34 win over Biloxi (Miss.) on Friday. Tassin missed a 26-yarder late in last week's eventual double-overtime loss.

Carries by Danville (Ind.) running back Autry Pickens, who had 233 yards and all three of his team's touchdowns in a 21-20 win over Lebanon (Ind.).

Interceptions by Chesapeake-Anne Arundel (Md.) in a 41-18 win over Glen Burnie (Md.).

Seasons that Jeff White has worked as a football official. Based in Pennsylvania, White is concerned about the lack of young officials in the high school ranks.

Consecutive games that Shelby (N.C.) has defeated or tied Chase (N.C.). The Golden Lions' 49-7 win Friday improved them to 45-0-1 against Chase since the two teams first met in 1959.



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