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Big kid bulldozes player in youth football game (VIDEO)

For the sake of the player who is flattened by No. 00 in the video above, we really hope this is the sequel to AT&T's "Hello" commercial and that the collision was digitally enhanced to look worse that it actually was. At the very least, the kid who thought it was a good idea to stand in front of a moving truck deserves a meeting with Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. 

There's no description with the video, which went viral over the weekend, but if it is from a Pee Wee football game, as the title suggests, we have two questions:

1) What is No. 00 doing on the field with the rest of these players?

2) Was lowering your shoulder really necessary, dude?

Props to No. 13, who chases No. 00 down from behind and hangs on while waiting for reinformcements to arrive.

Does anyone recognize the field or the teams involved? Give us a shout at @USATODAYhss.

UPDATE: According to Deadspin, the video is three years old and features teams from Pennsylvania.

Thanks for WorldStarHipHop for the heads up.



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