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Adidas unveils Energy Boost running shoe

Daily Dose: Temperature-resistant shoe aims to return energy to your feet

Equal parts cushioning and comfort delivered with technology that can withstand cold and hot temperatures — that’s what adidas says you can expect from the new Energy Boost shoe, unveiled today as the brand’s most innovative running shoe to date.

The shoe’s midsole is built with a new technology adidas refers to as “boost," revolutionary cushioning made of small capsules molded together. It aims to provide the highest energy return in the running industry, more so than EVA foam — the standard in most running shoes. Adidas says the capsules store and unleash energy more efficiently with every stride.

The brand proposes that the new technology will hold its responsiveness in temperatures ranging from +40C to -20 degrees Celsius. Adidas also claims that the shoe is as durable on the 1,000th step as it is on the first step.

The top of the shoe is built with breathable stretch material, making it feel like a second skin so it moves with your foot as it expands upon impact when it strikes the ground.

The adidas Energy Boost running shoe retails $150 and will release Feb. 27.



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