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Adidas Boost shoe aims to provide light, high-energy running experience

Daily Dose: Innovative running shoe built to go the distance

What: Adidas Boost Running Shoe
When: Available now
How much: $150
Where: adidas.com
The Scoop: The brand’s most innovative running shoe yet aims to deliver a cushioned and supportive experience like none other.

The key component lies in the midsole, which is designed with new technology adidas refers to as “boost,” revolutionary cushioning made of small capsules molded together. The feature is supposed to return energy with every step. The tech element also contributes to the shoe’s long-lasting quality — adidas says the shoe is as durable on the 1,000th step as it is on the first.

Just how well does the shoe measure up to its high-performance and comfort pledge? I hit the road for a six-mile training run around Brooklyn, N.Y., to find out.

Immediately, I noticed the shoe's nontraditional fit — I had to go a half-size down. The shoe wrapped my foot in a way sort of comparable to wearing a racing flat (you’ll likely want to stick to a thin sock). While the form fit gave my foot a secure feel, I would have appreciated just a smidge of extra stretch along the pinky toe (the material really hugged this area).

While I walked around, the cushioning noticeably pressed against the heel with each step, fostering supportive, plush contact. The cushioning doesn’t feel as thick in the forefoot though, which made running on my toes a lightweight experience.

With each stike on the ground, it was obvious how much less dense the front of the shoe felt. I was amazed at how consistent the comfort was from my first mile to the last. If you're not used to running with a wide heel, the shoe will take some getting used to, but it was a smooth ride from start to finish.



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