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Adidas and Sennheiser collaborate for new headphones

Daily Dose: Listen to your next playlist with HD sound

11:50 AM, Nov. 01, 2012 EDT

adidas / Adidas and headphone company Sennheiser collaborated to design lifestyle headphones that deliver high definition sound.

What: adidas Sennheiser HD 220 Headphones
When: Available now
How much: $65
Where: adidas.com
The Scoop: Sound headphones at an affordable price point? You heard right. Adidas and headphone giant Sennheiser collaborated for these sleek ear stereos.

The headphones use ultra-powerful magnets to deliver bass-driven stereo sound. They also have a closed supra-aural design, meaning the pads hit against your ears rather than around them. This helps block outside noise so you can better hear your jams.

The sky blue and white color combo mildly perks up a look. And while the headphones aren’t designed for sports performance, they’re ideal to sport around training like pregame, when you want to block out everything and get in the zone.



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