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5 songs for your next workout

Daily Dose: Get your cylinders going with intense, upbeat spins

Ever hear a song so intense that it fires up every fiber of your being? Think music so overpowering you automatically feel compelled to quit what you’re doing just so you can rush to work out.

OK, maybe that’s a little extreme (but no judgment if this is descriptive of you). We all need a push once in a while, and sometimes music is that perfect antidote.

This week, we’re reversing Music Monday with a playlist featuring members of the USA TODAY High School Sports team — after all, just how well do you know some of us?

Curious about what spins get their blood boiling, I asked, “What’s your favorite workout song?” Prepare to be entertained.

“Painkiller” — Freestylers featuring Pendulum
"This is one of the best. I don’t even know what genre it is — punk rock, club dance and hip-hop. It kicks in really hard at 46 seconds. Man, I love that hook. It’s kept me hitting a heavy bag for four minutes straight or finishing a last lap.” — Joe Poppa, senior interactive designer

“When I Come Around” — Green Day
My go-to pump-up song when running — I just like the guitar riff at the beginning. Every time I hear that song I want to rock out or, while running, run faster.” –Scott Allen, content producer

“Sofi Needs a Ladder” — Deadmau5
"I rarely get to work out, and if I did have time, I might not anyway (laughs). The vocals are pretty good. You don’t normally hear female vocals sung like that in electronic music or music in general.” — David Scott, content manager

“Speedin’” — Rick Ross and R. Kelly
“It starts slowly but builds with a great pace that makes you forget how fast/slow/far you’re going.” — Jim Halley, reporter

“Love Island” — Fatboy Slim
"I’m overwhelmed at the thought of choosing just one song, but this jam made my recent San Diego Half Marathon playlist. The song starts slow, then all of a sudden, there’s a burst of energy so crazy and aggressive, it makes you want to go elbow someone out of the way — not that I did this...on purpose."  — Sarah Gearhart, reporter



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