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21-year-old Michigan man busted after forging documents to play high school football

5:40 PM, Nov. 02, 2012 EDT

If you're totally bummed that your high school football career is over or will soon be coming to an end, cheer up. There's a way (albeit an illegal one) for you to avoid hanging up your pads just yet.

The Morning Sun reports that 21-year-old James Nash forged documents and lied about his age upon enrolling in the Mount Pleasant School District during the first week of the school year. Nash, who used the alias Javier Jones, played four games for the Mt. Pleasant football team before athletic director Jim Conway, acting on a tip from a parent, dug up Nash's file and got the police involved.

"What we found is he exceeds (the age requirement)," Conway told the Morning Star. "You can’t be 19 prior to September 1 to be eligible. He was older than 19 on September 1. The student has been removed from Mt. Pleasant Public Schools.”

Mt. Pleasant, which finished the season 4-5, went 2-2 in games that Nash played. Either Nash wasn't very good or he didn't want to draw attention by beating up on athletes at least three years his junior. It has yet to be decided whether the school must forfeit two wins.

(H/T Max Preps)



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