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Prep Bowl is big deal for Minnesota's small towns

6:47 PM, Nov. 23, 2012 EST

MINNEAPOLIS - Playing under the lights of the Metrodome is every high school football team's late-November goal.

"The team has worked so hard for this," says Kobie Morrill from Clinton. "This is awesome."

If you manage to take in the 2012 Prep Bowl at the Metrodome, you won't see a packed out stadium, but you will see plenty of community pride. That's because behind every team is nearly an entire town.

"We have just over 1,000 people," says Brooke Sloan from Grand Meadow. "I bet 95 percent of them are here."

Grand Meadow fans were so excited for the 9-man state final matchup that hundreds lined up on either side of the highway as the team bus started the two-hour journey north to downtown Minneapolis.

"You can't imagine the support this town gives to this team," says Sloan. "Not just football, but anyone who needs anything. We're here."

The two-day slate of state championship games is a Thanksgiving weekend tradition. For the state's smallest towns, it's Super Bowl weekend.

"Everybody knows everybody here," says Morrill. "We all rally around this team."



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