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Cokato family celebrates 24 seasons of football

7:34 PM, Oct. 17, 2012 EDT

COKATO, Minn. - It's often said football players are a band of brothers. Each player knows where he fits in. No one understands that more that wide receiver Seth Aho.

You could say the Dassel-Cokato senior grew up in a family of football. All his brothers played, some even under the same coach.

"I've coached three brothers before, but nothing like this," head coach Ryan Weinandt said.

Seth has 11 older brothers.

"Make a good catch or something and I always get the comment, 'You look like Josh on that,'" Seth said.

It's hard for any football player with the last name Aho to shake off comparisons.

For the last 24 years, the Aho family has had at least one boy on the varsity football team. It all started in 1989 when Steve started playing for the team. He's now 38-years-old and cheering on 18-year-old Seth, the last of the Aho boys.

Karen and Tom Aho, parents of the boys, always wanted a big family, but never expected anything like this.

"I had it in my idea, 10 kids, and he told me we'll have lots of girls. We don't have lots of girls," Karen joked.

Karen and Tom have 15 children total. Only three are girls.

"Steve is the oldest. Lorna is next and then James, Carl, Bill, Nate, Joel, Ben, Todd, Doug, Melissa, Josh, Brian, Seth and then me," Erin, the youngest at 15 years old, said.

The Aho era on the field will end as Seth graduates this year. It's a bittersweet reality that's still sinking in. The football dream doesn't end with Seth though. There's hope the up and coming Aho grandchildren will take over one day.

"I got two kids of my own, Jackson, we adopted from Mississippi, he'll be the first African American Aho on the varsity team" said Ben Aho, who played from 2000 to 2002.

With 47 grandkids and three more on the way it's fair to say the Ahos will continue to make a name for themselves on the field for years to come.



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