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Northside hosts "Hoop Dreams" camp

6:40 PM, Jun. 06, 2014 EDT


Summer basketball camps give high school teams a few days to put in early work toward a new season.

Northside High School is using this weekend for its 18th annual summer camp. Former girls coach Ron Wilson says there is no shortage of competition at this year's camp, called "Hoop dreams."

"You got class AAAAAA all the way to class A," Wilson said. "Teams that have been to the state playoffs and in the finals, as well as teams that are just starting young programs."

Wilson's wife, Casaundra, is the current Northside coach. She helps run the camp, and explains that a big change was in store for this year's group:

For the first time ever, college coaches were invited to come watch the action.

"We think the girls of middle Georgia have opportunities to go to college just like up in the Atlanta area, but they don't get enough exposure," Wilson said. "We decided to invite college coaches from division two, division three and NAIA to come watch the camp this year."

The "Hoop Dreams" camp closes Saturday evening after another full day of summer games.



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