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Mercer Bears Use Music as a Weapon in Practice

3:45 PM, Nov. 07, 2013 EST

Mercer head football coach Bobby Lamb says this is the first season in his career that he's used the tunes to fire up his guys.

Here is how how it has made a difference on the field.

Mercer head football coach Bobby Lamb says the high-powered strums get his kids centered on football when they blast music from the stadium speakers.

"Music helps all kids, all generations get going especially the youth we deal with," Lamb explained. "Once we got the stadium built and the speakers in, it was an opportunity for us to play music at practice to keep those guys going."

Mercer is a first-year program and the players we spoke with couldn't believe Lamb would allow the lyrics to flow freely.

"It's amazing. It's a rhythm thing. Football is a passionate sport. I think we all like it a lot," Tunde Ayinla said with a smile.

Wide receiver JT Palmer agrees.

" I really like anything they play. As long as there is music going, I'm happy with that," Palmer exclaimed.

Caleb Brown has been known to break out a move on the field.

" The music comes on and you get a little wiggle in," he said.

Don't get the wrong idea. Lamb isn't laying out the music to make friends. His job depends on winning football games and the Bears have won a lot of them this year, going 8-1.

But that success comes day in and day out when the guys gut it out in practice.

"If you really look at their body language when we're practicing with music and practicing without music, it's totally different," Lamb said.

And it's something different for college freshmen to be up sometimes at 5:00 in the morning.

The Bears practice every day as the sun comes up.

" A lot of times, it's hard to come out and practice, especially if it was cold, but the music does a great job of keeping us enthusiastic and pumped to get out here and get better," Brown said.

"Especially when we're up this early, it's a dead quiet, kind of like a dreary feel, but when you have the music going in the background, it's easier to have fun," Palmer said with a grin.

Lamb says there is one more advantage to this whole scheme. Music can mimic the energy that flows through a stadium on game day.

"It really it helps us concentrate more because of the music and the noise, so-called crowd noise, because now you have to concentrate on what you're doing. Your mind can't wander because if it wanders, you're going to forget what's going on," Lamb said.

So you might say the team is hitting a high note, jamming on the field, and getting ready to pound their next opponent.

The rockin' Bears will go up against Jacksonville at home this Saturday. The game begins at 3:00 pm.

Mercer Athletics says they still have tickets available for that game.

They also want to stage the season's first blackout.



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