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Showcase Game of the Week: PA vs. Jacksonville

6:48 AM, Nov. 01, 2012 EDT

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- In the final week of the regular season of high school football, home field advantage is on the line for Pulaski Academy and Jacksonville.

A 6-3 Jacksonville team hosts a 7-2 Pulaski Academy on Thursday night.

"This out to be a great high school football game. It's going to be a neat atmosphere with a lot on the line," says PA Head Coach Kevin Kelley.

"It's gigantic. There's 6-0 in conference and we're 5-1," adds Jacksonville Head Coach Rick Russell.

PA has won four conference titles in the last five years. The Bruins are also riding a six game win streak after losing to 7A West Memphis in week 3.

"We're glad to win a conference title, but that's not our goal. Our goal is to win the state championship. So what's more important than that is securing that home field advantage," says Kelley.     

Jacksonville, on the other hand, hasn't won a league championship since 2006. The Red Devils had won five straight before losing to Mills in week 9.

"You hate to lose a football game. But some of the things we did in that football game got us right back on track. Where we know some of the things we have weaknesses on, we need to correct," says Russell.

Bruins quarterback Lawson Vassar is completing nearly 73 percent of his passes this season with more than 33-hundred yards and 36 touchdowns. And he's only had six interceptions.

"You know when you're playing a team that passes the ball like PA, you either gotta have good pressure or you gotta have good coverage, and we'll have to have both," Russell says.

The Red Devils have a multi-threat player of their own in Kevin Richardson. He's scored every way possible on the field this season, as a safety, receiver, hybrid back and on special teams.

"We're definitely going to try and take him away. He's definitely their leader and somebody that can make plays and turn the game around and carry their football team," says Kelley.

Winner gets a number one seed and home throughout the playoffs. It's also another step in the direction of the ultimate title for both - state champion.



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