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Last homecoming for C.W. Lewis Stadium

12:19 AM, Sep. 29, 2012 EDT

BENTON, Ark. (KTHV) -- On Friday nights in early fall, it takes on a life of it's own, a life that is now 78 years old.

"In the 60's, my sons did, they played ball here and then my grandson I guess in the 80's Greg," says Mary Dyer who has sat on the bleachers of C.W. Lewis Stadium for more than fifty years.

It is a stadium that qualifies as one of the oldest high school stadiums in the state. The first game to played on the field was in 1934.

Dyer has watched her children and grandchildren play football or cheerlead and tonight is no different.

"I came to watch my great granddaughter Alex Dyer. She's the queen of the Homecoming!" says Dyer.

It is a bittersweet game that will bring a family tradition to an end.

"This is the last Homecoming that will be on this field. They are going to a new field," says Dyer.

Benton High School's 2013 season will kick off here at their new athletic complex just a few miles outside of town with more parking and more space for fans like Dyer.

But tonight, as she watched her great-daughter take the field as queen of her homecoming court, Dyer's family tradition continues.

"It's a little sad but it'll be good. Still a little sad though," says Dyer.

The last game to be played at C.W. Lewis stadium will be October 26th against El Dorado. Athletic Director Steve Quinn says from there they are not sure what the future will hold for this field but says the history of the stadium will most definitely be preserved.



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