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In Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, still championships for Bolles to win

10:14 PM, Nov. 16, 2012 EST

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Some things never change. Bolles coach Charles B. "Corky" Rogers demands excellence on and off his football field. Those closest to him say its one reason why he wins.

"It's the little things like wearing your socks right ... if we win the little things, then the big things will happen naturally," said John Howard, Varsity Assistant Coach.

"I've seen him win here with great players," said line coach Wayne Belger. "I've seen him win with average players and I've seen him win with not so average players. That's a big attribute for him."

"Make no mistake about it: When Corky and Wayne came, that's when everything changed as far as the school being able to produce the kind of football program we have right now," said weightlifting coach Mike Barrett.

Belger was Rogers' first quarterback at Lee High School and has been with corky the longest.

Reporter: You guys have had a longer run than some marriages. how has this worked for you two?

"We get along well. I've had two boys play for him and they've both been on championship teams here," said Belger. "We have our disagreements on things on the sideline and in preparation for games, but he's the boss and we'll figure out some way to do what he wants to do."

He's been part of ten of those eleven state championships on the wall, something that is very important to this coaching staff including Barrett, Howard, and Belger, who have been with Rogers every step of the way.

"We've got one more ball over there we'd like to fill in before we have to hang it up," Barrett said.

Don't bet against this over the hill gang.

Reporter: You guys aren't the youngest staff around. How do you relate to the kids?

"They just kinda laugh at us because we are so old," said Barrett. " ... We tell them about telephones back when we grew up, with the party lines and the rotary phones, they kind of look at us and say 'what are you talking about coach? We never heard about that.' All of those things it keeps us young. ... That's what has allowed us to stay around so long."

After all, in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, there are still championships to win.




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