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Video: Clarkston High hockey promo is a must-watch

12:00 AM, Feb. 05, 2013 EST

 / Screen grab from YouTube clip

The watchful eyes over at Yahoo! Sports' Puck Daddy blog have uncovered perhaps the funniest hockey video we'll see all winter long.

Clarkston High School has a YouTube channel that promotes its hockey team schedule, including the Jan. 26 game against Lake Orion.

For that game, the students there posted a video of a young man donning a St. Louis Blues jersey from the mid 90s, who's acting out goal celebrations in the hallway and interacting with other students as only a hockey nut could: shooting empty pop cans off their skulls, crunching them into lockers and stick-handling circles around them.

It's not only entertaining, it's very well done from a technical stand point. Kudos to those kids up there. Take a look and giggle along with us.

Click here if you're reading this story on a mobile device and would like to see the video



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