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Springbrook Coach: At The Helm Of Football And Girls' Lacrosse

6:16 PM, May. 31, 2013 EDT

Story & Reporting by Diane Roberts

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA) -- At the professional level, it's one team per head coach. You don't see Mike Shanahan coaching the Redskins and the Wizards. But in high schools around the country, coaches often double up.

Adam Bahr has been head girls' lacrosse coach at Springbrook High School for three years.

His players say if you had to categorize him, he's in between strict and friendly.

"When work needs to be done, he knows work has to be done, but he's also there for support and our assistance when we need it," said lacrosse player Ria Peralta.

Bahr must be doing something right. The Blue Devil girls have been in the top five of their 23 team region two of the last three years.

Bahr, a Springbrook grad, says what he's learned from working with boys' and girls' is that both want to excel as athletes.

"I think I'm guilty at times of ... not pushing the girls as hard as I push the guys. Every time I push the girls, they rise to the occasion," said Bahr.

And sometimes that push can come with a football term or two.

"One thing I take from the girls, that I know we need to do more of in football, is they really value and cherish team bonding type things," said Bahr.

"He sees differences in guys and girls and he realizes girls are more friendly towards each other than guys can be, so he tries to get us guys to be more friendly to each other," said Robert Bass Jr., Springbrook tight end.

Bahr says at the end of the day, both genders respond to developing relationships and that if he yells or screams at a player, he follows it up with a soft word and a teaching moment.



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