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Interview: DeMatha's Elijah Brooks On Penn State Scandal

5:47 PM, Jul. 24, 2012 EDT

WASHINGTON (WUSA) --  On Monday, Dave Owens sat down with DeMatha head football coach Elijah Brooks to discuss the future of Penn State's football program.

Brook's former player, tight end Brent Wilkerson, recently started preseason training with the Nittany Lions.

"He wants to remain loyal to Penn State as of right now," said Brooks of the DeMatha grad. 

But after the NCAA fined the university $60 million, banned the football team from bowl games for four years and reduced initial scholarships to 15 per year for the next four years, the program's future is unsure.

"They're going to take a hit. It's already difficult to compete in the recruiting game."

Current DeMatha players are being recruited by Penn State, Brooks advice to them: "Ask your parents and weigh your options."

"I never tell my kids where to go. I definitely tell them to look at the pros and cons in any situation ... You have to go to the program that best suites you," said Brooks.



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