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Eleanor Roosevelt Defeats Parkdale 47-12

4:47 PM, Oct. 01, 2012 EDT

Reporting by Eleanor Roosevelt Campus Correspondent Isaac Ferebee

RIVERDALE, Md. (WUSA) -- On Saturday, the Roosevelt Raiders bumped their record to 4-1 with a 47-12 victory over Parkdale.

"The game plan was to work hard, work on our consistency, work on their game plan ... and make sure we step up," said senior defensive tackle Jaylen Powell, and based on Saturday's results, that strategy was a success.

Next, Roosevelt will take on a 1-4 Laurel squad. In keeping with Saturday's game plan, Powell said Roosevelt will not underestimate their opponents. They will approach each game with the same competitive edge -- a mindset that will be key to the Raiders' success against Prince George's 4A teams like Flowers.



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