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DCIAA Beefs Up Residency Verification Procedures

9:03 PM, Jun. 05, 2013 EDT

DCIAA Athletic Director Stephanie Evans Photo by Kevin Jones, WUSA 9 / {}

Washington (WUSA 9) -- The D.C.I.A.A. is updating the process by which it monitors the residency status of student-athletes at its member high schools.

"After what happened in the fall [we said to ourselves] --- what can we do to ensure that situation doesn't happen again?" says Stephanie Evans, Director of Athletics of the District's traditional public schools.

This past fall, two high schools, Wilson and Dunbar, were forced to forfeit games after investigations found each team included a player who was not a District resident.

Parents of District students have always been required to fill out a form verifying proof of residency. Now, says Evans, increased measures have been introduced that put additional accountability on school officials and parents.

"Accountability will go onto the school level now in that the school official signs it (the form) and there's a disclaimer in terms of their accountability for not properly collecting information," says Evans.

The other major measure introduced concerns fraud.

"There is a disclaimer now, that when a parent goes to sign off on the residency verification form, they've presented information that is true," says Evans. "If the information is false, they can be held accountable by penalty of a monetary fine or even jail time."

Evans, who has served as Athletic Director for nearly two years, has made student-athlete residency status and certification of eligibility two of her points of emphasis.

"What we're doing now in our office is when schools turn in their certification of eligibility forms, we're also requiring them to identify out-of-District students and any students that have transferred into the District," says Evans.




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