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High school sports community shares memories from fall season

2:07 PM, Dec. 14, 2012 EST

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The Ohio high school fall sports season officially came to an end on Dec. 1 when the state's final three football state champions were crowned, but for many Northeast Ohio student-athletes and fans, it seems as though it just concluded days ago.

The vivid memories - good and bad - created on the field of play for participants and spectators alike this fall are the primary reason for the illusion.

The staff at USATODAYhss.com/Cleveland recently asked its Twitter followers to share the most poignant of those memories for use in this story.

High school students representing each grade level responded. Some tweeted their respective team's definitive high or low point while others chose to describe their time with their teammates. In some cases, those unscripted occasions meant as much, if not, more than the highlights derived from calculated and practiced plays executed in a big game.

Read the responses that have already been submitted below. Then, connect with USATODAYhss.com/Cleveland through Facebook and/or Twitter to share your most poignant memories from the 2012 high school fall sports season in Northeast Ohio. Your social media comments will be added to the story.