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Steelers Experienced With Young Depth

11:09 AM, Aug. 09, 2012 EDT

DEPEW, N.Y-Lackawanna head football coach Adam Tardif knows how tough Section VI Class B is going to be this year, with 22 teams who pretty solid across the board. For the games on his schedule though, he's hoping that his young and fairly inexperienced team grows up quickly.

The Steelers will have 18 juniors on the roster this year, including starting running back Cameren Smith. "We have a really good group of juniors that give us a lot of depth, so hopefully we can build on that depth and teach these guys how to play varsity football that's the biggest thing," Tardif said.

The young depth that Lackawanna is bringing up will have to coalesce with a returning core of seniors. One of the senior leaders and key players for Lackawanna will be 6'3ft, 210lb Shaquille Brooks, who Tardif says will be the focal point of the Steeler offense. "We want to run the football and establish the running game first, but get the ball into Shaquille Brooks hands if you have to."

The quarterback that will do his best to get the ball to Brooks will be junior Dillon Gregory and Tardif is looking for him to become a team leader. Overall, Tardif is excited and enthused by the attitude surrounding his team this season. "They're a good group of kids, they're a team. They've all been working hard in the weight room all year. We've got a pretty committed team this year which is great for a coach."

Tardif and his team will kick-off this season as they visit the Amherst Tigers on August 31st at 6 p.m.



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