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The sisterhood of the Buckettes

Kimmels bring family feel to BC's state semifinalist

12:00 AM, Nov. 07, 2012 EST

Sisters Jordan and Kilee Kimmel are a part of the Buckeye Central volleyball team. / Sara C. Tobias / News Journal


Growing up, Buckeye Central junior setter Kilee Kimmel loved watching her sisters play volleyball.

Kimmel still remembers watching her sister Ashley play in the 2001 state tournament, with her big sister's name face painted on her forehead. In 2008 she didn't paint her face, but made a t-shirt to cheer on her other sister, Jordan, now the Buckettes junior varsity coach in the state tournament.

"It was so cool," Kilee said. "I remember always watching my sisters (Ashley, Whitney and Jordan) and loving it from the get go. Watching my sisters play when I grew up was awesome."

Jordan remembers feeling the same way watching Ashley out on the floor, and the excitement of one day following in her older sister's footsteps.

"Overall I was just excited because that's what you work towards," Jordan said. "That is your goal. My one sister got to do it and I was like,'Well I want to do it. That's awesome.' It's just always a lot of fun. "

Junior libero Brooke Karl and senior outside hitter Sammi Marcum also watched their older sisters, Tara Karl and Trenna Marcum, compete in the 2008 state Final Four. The trio has often talked about the similarities between this year's team and the 2008 squad. Oddly enough, the day the 2008 team won regionals, Kilee, Sammi and Brooke all won a Diocese volleyball championship playing for St. Bernard. This year Brooke's younger sister, Jenna, also won a Diocese title the day of the regional finals.

"I used to go down every year to the state championships with Kilee and it was just something that as soon as you stepped foot there you knew it was something you want to be a part of," Brooke said.

Throughout the years and the tradition of the Buckeye Central volleyball program, plenty of namesakes have carried on the family legacy of making it to the district, regional and state level. Sammi's mother also played at the state level as a member of the 1985 state championship basketball team.

"My mom said how when they played they had a saying and it was, 'Is this far enough?' She's been telling me that every game," Sammi said.

Before the season even started the group talked about the fact they had a chance to accomplish something special, just like their sisters, and they aren't finished yet.

"I wouldn't want to do this with any other group of girls," Brooke said. "We're all best friends and no matter what we love each other."




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