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Wakefield Boys Basketball Does the Harlem Shake

Is the Harlem Shake meme played out? Probably, but we'll cut the Wakefield (Arlington, Va.) boys basketball team some slack. They earned the right to pile onto the craze, and frankly, their rendition is pretty good.

On Tuesday, the Warriors defeated Langley in the Virginia AAA Northern Region quarterfinals on a 3-point buzzer-beater by Re'Quan Hopson, who hadn't attempted a 3-point shot all season. Today, the video above appeared on YouTube.

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It begins with Wakefield coach Tony Bentley complimenting his team on a great defensive performance. And then you ask yourself, "Why is there a guy wearing a helmet sweeping the floor?" Ah, but of course. Right on cue, senior guard Khory Moore hops up off the bench and starts going crazy. He's eventually joined by his teammates and, finally, Wakefield students.

Wakefield plays Robinson tonight in the semifinals.






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