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(VIDEO) Illinois High School Basketball Player Hits Almost-Full-Court Shot

Grant Hill's long inbounds pass to Duke teammate Christian Laettner in the 1992 East Regional Final set up one of the most memorable shots in NCAA Tournament history.

Brant Hill's long shot on Tuesday night was arguably more impressive.

Brant, who plays for Marion (Ill.), rebounded a missed free throw at the end of the first quarter and launched an almost full-court shot at the buzzer that found the bottom of the net. If you listen really closely, you can hear Hill call bank. Not really.

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Marion went on to beat Salem, 68-46, and Hill's shot was downplayed in the local paper. The Daily Republican referred to it as a "three-quarter court shot," but it looks more like a five-sixths court shot to us.

While high school courts are typically 10 feet shorter than NBA courts, Hill's shot was reminiscent of the time Baron Davis did this:

Thanks to Max Preps for the heads up.






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