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Simon Roussel scores memorable touchdown

Pursuit of Dreams: Mandeville senior with Down syndrome takes it to the house on kickoff return

We'll never tire of inspirational stories, the latest of which comes from Louisiana. Mandeville senior Simon Roussel, who has Down syndrome, scored a touchdown on a kickoff return against Slidell last Wednesday, with a little assist from the Slidell squad.

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Mandeville coach Guy LeCompte wanted to honor Roussel in some way after he spent several seasons as a team manager at the school, so he gave him a chance to play in the freshman game. Slidell coach Larry Favre fully approved of LeCompte's idea to allow Roussel to score a touchdown.

“He had no idea that he was going to get to dress out," Roussel's mother, Barbara, told BayouBuzz.com. "That was just a total surprise. So I think he is just in another world, and it’s a memory he’ll have forever."






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