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Cretin-Derham Hall produces some awesome high school football talent

30th Anniversary American Family Insurance Team: By the Numbers

Arizona Cardinal wide receiver Michael Floyd went to the high school (Cretin-Derham Hall) that has produced the most American Family Insurance ALL-USA selections and the university (Notre Dame) that has received the most commitment from ALL-USA picks. / St. Paul Pioneer-Press

Consider this your warning. Do not click on this link -- a searchable database of every American Family Insurance ALL-USA football player since 1982 -- unless you have some serious time to kill.

You can get lost in a database of more than 1,100 high school football greats, especially when you have the ability to sort by name, position, high school, state and college. Here's a sampling of what I found while poking around. 

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0: ALL-USA selections from the great states of Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming.

1: ALL-USA selections from the great states of Delaware, Montana, North Dakota and Rhode Island. Every other state has at least two selections.

2: ALL-USA selections from high schools beginning with the letter 'Y.' They are: Derrick Henry (Yulee -- Fla.) and Melvin Foster (Yates -- Houston, Texas).

4: ALL-USA selections who won the Heisman Trophy. They are: Chris Weinke (1989), Rashaan Salaam (1991), Ron Dayne (1995) and Charles Woodson (1997).

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6: ALL-USA selections from St. Thomas Aquinas (Ft. Lauderdale), De La Salle (Concord, Calif.), Armwood (Seffner, Fla.) and Moeller (Cincinnati).

7: ALL-USA selections from Long Beach Poly (Calif.).

9: ALL-USA selections from Cretin-Derham Hall (St. Paul, Minn.), more than any other school. Joe Mauer, Chris Weinke and Michael Floyd are among the Cretin-Derham Hall graduates who were honored.

86: ALL-USA selections who committed to Notre Dame, more than any other school. USC has the second-most with 75 selections.

148: ALL-USA selections from Texas, more than any other state. The Lone Star State edged out Florida, which has 138 selections.






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