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Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.) goalkeeper McQuin Baron defends water polo

Water polo goalkeeper McQuin Baron has no doubts that his sport produces and has the best athletes.

McQuin Baron of Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.) is one of the best water polo goalkeepers in the country. / Mater Dei HS

Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.) water polo star McQuin Baron knows that he won’t get much backup on his claim, but that doesn’t lessen his belief in the least.

What sport produces the best athletes?

“Definitely water polo,” said Baron, a rising senior. “I know it’s not as popular a pick as some other sports, but that’s just because people don’t know. This sport is only for real athletes.”

Need more proof?

Here are Baron’s arguments for water polo.

Why is the ultimate athlete in your sport?

“It’s a mixture of wrestling and swimming and you have to stay above water while people are basically trying to drown you. It’s a mixture of so many things and all of them calls for athleticism.”

For anyone who disagrees, what drill specific to your sport would you like to see them try?

“I’d like to see them try the five-gallon jug drill. You basically fill up a five gallon jug and you’ve gotta hold it above your head for 10 minutes.”

What is the second-toughest sport behind yours?

“Ice hockey.”

What's the best measure of a true athlete (strength, speed, quickness, agility, etc.)?

“I personally feel like the best athletes are the best thinkers so I would say the best measure is the athlete’s mental toughness and ability to think.”

Who is the best athlete in your sport, past or present?

“Tamás Kásás. He’s on the Hungarian national team.”

What is the best example of something you did personally that shows why your sport has the ultimate athlete?

“Once I did a penalty shot block to a one-on-nobody. The opposing player got the rebound after I blocked his shot then he got the rebound and I got the ball again. That’s really hard to do.”

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