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Malachi Dupre defends football

John Curtis (River Ridge, La.) wide receiver says his sport is the toughest

Malachi Dupre helped John Curtis win a state title last season.  / 247Sports

John Curtis (River Ridge, La.) wide receiver Malachi Dupre tried his hardest to come up with another sport, but, for the life of him, he couldn’t think of one.

“No other sport even comes to close to the level of athlete you’ve got to be to be a good football player,” said Dupre, the top receiver in the ESPN 300. “There are so many athletic traits you have to have in this sport. Football definitely produces the best athletes.”

Not buying it?

You may think differently after reading Dupre’s compelling arguments.

Why is the ultimate athlete in your sport?

“I’m not just saying that it’s football because I play; I really believe this. From everything from overpowering your man, to beating him off the line of scrimmage, to jumping over your man to catch a pass, there are so many athletic traits you have to have in order to even be good. It’s tough.”

For people who disagree, what drill specific to your sport would you like to see them try?

“I’d like to see them try the cutting drill. You just run and cut really hard off of one plant. You’ve got to do it really fast with basically no rest in between. It’s a really hard drill.”

What sport comes after football in producing the best athletes?


What's the best measure of a true athlete (strength, speed, quickness, agility, etc.)?

“I think the best athletes are the most mentally tough. When you think you can do something then you’ve already beat most people. If your mindset doesn’t change no matter what, that’s huge! It’s definitely mental.”

Who is the best athlete in your sport, past or present?

“Jadeveon Clowney. That guy is a super athlete.”

What is the best example of something you did personally that shows why your sport has the ultimate athlete?

“Probably the first game of the season last year when I made a one-handed catch in triple coverage. I have a 42-inch vertical and I jumped up and caught it over the top of all of them. It was a tough catch.”

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